Getting To Lombok

*Please note, the new international airport opened on the 1st October 2011. Travel time to the villas is now approx 1hour.

We can help you with your travel arrangements to and from Lombok but as a guide several airlines including Merpati, GT Air and Wings Air connect Lombok with Bali. There are also flights to and from Surabaya (Java) and Sumbawa Besar and Bima. In addition there are twice-weekly flights between Singapore (with Silk-Air) and Kuala Lumpar (with Merpati).
Please see below for more details

If flying between Bali and Lombok you will require a paper ticket as e-ticketing is not yet available, our staff can collect your ticket for you and deliver it to your hotel in Bali. Please note that the Lombok Airport is called the Mataram Airport, important to note when searching for information on the internet.

Frequent Ferries run between Lembar in Lombok and Padangbai in Bali, the crossing takes at least four hours and is quite scenic however the ferries are not luxurious by international standards. Regular ferries to Sumbawa depart from Labuhan Lombok and arrive at Poto Sano in approximately 1 Ω hours.

The new Gilicat service, runs between Telok Kodek in Lombok to Padang Bai in Bali. Travel time is approx 1hour and 20 minutes. Visit them at Another fast boat is Wahana. Visit them at

If travelling to the Gili Islands from Lombok there are various places from which you can leave depending on the waves but you will find this is just a short speed boat ride and well worth the trip. Our tour desk can assist you with the details if you wish to take this tour.

We can assist you with your transfers to and from Bali. Our cost for this (including the ticket and delivery) is $140USD return / $75USD one way.

This is inclusive of: 21% taxes, our agentís fee, and our manager meeting you at the airport in bali to hand you the tickets personally.

Here are the flight schedules: please note, they can change at any time without prior notice.

From Bali to Lombok:

MERPATI AIR DPS-AMI 07:00am/15:00pm/17:35pm

IAT AIR DPS-AMI 08:00am/15:30am

TRIGANA AIR DPS-AMI 09:00am/13:00pm/16:00pm

From Lombok to Bali:

MERPATI AIR AMI-DPS 08:00am/12:15pm/16:00pm

IAT AIR AMI-DPS 09:00am/16:30pm

TRIGANA AIR AMI-DPS 08:00am/12:00pm/15:00pm

When requesting your connecting flight, please remember, it takes approx 1hour or more to check out of Bali airport. We recommend you do not rush as any delay in your flight means you will miss the connection. We will not accept any responsibility for missed connection.

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